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If you are an accountant or you are a big accounting person then you obviously know this feature. In this accounting process, we will update you on cash basis or accrual basis. This affects the amount of sales tax that you are owing. Intuit has designed such a software who meets up to all requirements of a business.

When you use cash or accrual basis method, you can easily report your income when you either bill it or receive it.

Let us first discuss about Accrual basis:

  • In this accounting method, when you type a new transaction, when you really want to pay or receive cash  between two events
  • When the accrual basis report displays income whether your customers have paid the invoices and expenses at the time of paying the invoices or bills.

Cash Basis:

  • This is one of the method of book keeping where the income or expense occurs at the time when you receive a bill or payment of the bill.
  • This cash basis report displays income when you have received cash or expenses when you have already paid cash. In cash basis sales tax, there are some instances where you can find bugs to make your record complicated.
    • Complete taxable invoice
    • Invoice with non-taxable item
    • Invoice with an applied credit

Learn to set your preferences:

  • Sign in to your company file of QuickBooks as an admin
  • Check whether you are processing in single user mode
  • In the Edit menu, click on Preferences tab
  • In Reports and Graphs, click on Company Preferences tab
  • In the summary report, click on Accrual or Cash
  • Choose OK

If you are not able to set the preference, consult QuickBooks Support.

To View the difference

The Sales Tax Center displays you the difference in sales tax which was owed for two types of accounting methods accrual or cash basis.

  • Click on Taxes
  • In Sales Tax table, choose your method in Accounting basis dropdown menu

Feel free to stay in touch with our QuickBooks support team to make your accounting stress free. Hope, we had made you satisfied with this content on cash accounting and accrual accounting. If still you are stuck in between or while processing, immediately dial our toll free number of QuickBooks Support and you can also send us a mail stating your issues and query on our mail id at You can also stay connected with our chat experts available 24*7 to assist you for better proficiency in your accounting record.

If you are stuck with QuickBooks Error 41 when you are using QuickBooks accounting software, then it gets so furious for you. There could be various reasons which will affect the growth of business. Before you are getting access into the accounting record you must check about the details of QuickBooks Error 41.

You will face the error if you are using the older version of QuickBooks.

What are the reasons for QuickBooks Error 41?

We will discuss all the reasons for knowing the details on QuickBooks Error 41 with the help of QuickBooks Error Support team.

  • When there are number of applications opened in computer system
  • When QuickBooks software gets closed automatically
  • If the QuickBooks freezes or gets crashed
  • When there is issue in installation or updation
  • When computer performs slowly
  • When you come across a blank screen while processing QuickBooks, this error occurs

Learn to resolve this QuickBooks Error 41 with QuickBooks Error Support team.

If you want to be stress free from your accounting record, you need to solve these methods for better results:

Method 1: Reboot PC

  • Either click on the Start option on your PC or press windows key on your keyboard
  • Choose the arrow which is near to shutdown
  • Click on the restart to get the system restarted

If this method is not working, instantly call QuickBooks Error Support.

Method 2: Modify the permission of Printing

  • Click on the control panel for opening the printers
  • Double click on Microsoft writer
  • Choose Printer properties
  • Click on Properties tab
  • Choose security tab, click on everyone user group

If by chance the group is not displayed in the list:

  • Choose Add option, enter everyone in the blank field
  • Click on Check names
  • Choose Allow Column and then click on Print and then choose OK
  • Make a run to the command by typing : C:\Windows\System32\spool in Windows explorer
  • Click on Printers
  • Choose Properties tab
  • Click on Security and then select Edit and then choose Add
  • Now, add local service
  • Select OK
  • Generate .PDF files in QuickBooks

If the step is not working, instantly dial our QuickBooks Support toll free number

Method 3: Download and Install the Fix tool

  • Click on Scan option
  • Choose the repair file
  • Once the scanning process is over, restart QuickBooks

If you are stuck in between, switch to next step

Method 4: Disable the services from start-up mode

  • Choose the Start button, and type msconfig in dialog box
  • Click on Disable All, in service tab
  • Click to open the start-up tab, then select Disable All
  • Choose Ok
  • Reboot your system
  • If the system configuration utility is displayed on screen, then you must verify the option to start the system.
  • Choose OK
  • Reopen QuickBooks

Now, check whether the issue is resolved, if the QuickBooks Error 41 is no more displayed, you are successful else contact QuickBooks Error Support.

Method 5: Uninstall and Install the USB device

  • Choose the start option
  • Click to open the Run window, add devmgmt.msc and hit Enter
  • Click on (+) sign
  • Choose USB composite device
  • Click to uninstall option and then choose Ok
  • Reconnect the USB with that of PC

Now, we can expect the QuickBooks Error 41 is solved if not still in a queue of solving call our QuickBooks Error Support toll free number. Feel free to drop a mail to us at You can also contact our executives 24*7 to guide you so that you can focus on your business with high reliability.

When you are on to QuickBooks processing company data, you require some steps to be followed with it to get the proper installation done and set up a network in multi user mode. If you are planning to share your QuickBooks Desktop with many other clients then go through these methods.

QuickBooks is accounting software used to access financial accounting tools to accommodate the company file in QuickBooks.

Method 1: Set up QuickBooks Desktop

In multi-user network where one single computer host the company file in QuickBooks.  That is known as server computer. All other computers when connected to your network doesn’t allow your Company file to access known as workstations.

  • If you have downloaded, then continue with the processing else follow the steps to download and then install QuickBooks Desktop on PC
  • Click on Custom and Network install for the install type.
  • Choose I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, AND I’ll be storing
  • If you want to download the full version of QuickBooks Desktop on your server computer. Or if you just want your server computer to host your files, click on I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer
  • Go through the on-sight instructions to finish the install.

Once the installation is finished, switch to next step else contact QuickBooks Support

Method 2: Set folder permissions

You must check that the folder where your company files are stored must have the permissions to be holded by your network.

Method 3: Install Database Server Manager

This is a feature in QuickBooks where it also installs QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your main computer. This tool allows you to share your company files with other computers through your network rights. Must check whether the Database Server Manager is installed or not, if not ask for the help from QuickBooks Support team.

Method 4: Apply the admin rights

Be confirmed that the account you are using to log in to your server computer has the Windows admin rights to access. Take a note that Windows user account for Database Server Manager must also have admin rights.

Method 5: Use Database Server Manager

Once you have installed the database server manager, must read these steps and then must this to scan the folder which contains your company files.

If still you are struggling with the issue of installing and setting up of multi user network in QuickBooks Desktop, you may call us on toll free number for QuickBooks Support. You can also drop a mail to us at Our expert leaders with their proficient knowledge helps us to carve better for your understanding so that you can enlighten the skills of your team with this solution.

You might be having knowledge on T sheets but there are various aspects in T sheets, so you must also know about the time off requests.

In this you will know the roles of each individual entity:

  • Admins and managers can manage their time off timesheets in large number.
  • Admins and managers can accept or reject team member time off requests.
  • Team members can request time off based on the amount of time off they are assumed to have on the day requested.

How to Configure Time off preferences

Go through the guidelines given by QuickBooks Support:

  • Open T Sheets
  • In the Company Settings tab
  • Click on Time Options 
  • Choose Time Off.
  • Choose Enable time off.
  • Click on Allow team members to submit their own time off.
  • Choose which days entry is allowed on.
  • Select Require approvals to permit requests.
  • Choose Allow managers to edit team members’ time off ledgers.

Learn to Time off notifications

How will you update notifications globally:

  • In the Company Settings menu,
  • Click on Notifications 
  • Choose Time Off Requests.

Call QuickBooks Support if you are thinking  to update notifications individually:

  • In the My Team tab, click on a user to access Team Member
  • Choose Notifications.

You can immediately contact QuickBooks Support to get in touch with us to resolve any query

Set up time off codes

  • In the Feature Add-ons
  • Click on Time Off Codes.
  • The Time Off Preferences window will be displayed.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Type the Time Off name and click on whether it is a Paid code or Unpaid code.
  • To allocate to one who can access the code, select Assign to Individuals or Groups.
  • Make your selections and choose Save.

Here, in this post we will also update you about configuring and assign team member accruals

How to configure and assign team member accruals

  • In the Feature Add-ons click on Time Off Codes.
  • Once you have clicked on Time Off code you want to make active to, click on edit.
  • Verify Track Accruals or, click on Edit Settings.
  • In the Accrual Settings drop-down menu, click on the duration like None, Manual, Yearly, Every Pay Period, or Based on Hours Worked.

This might have solved all your issues you faced while you were trying your hands on T sheets in QuickBooks Desktop. But, we will confirm if you are still facing any query you are free to contact us on QuickBooks Support and mail us at

There are various criteria where this can be processed in QuickBooks Desktop, here we will be discussing some of them.

When the vendor try to send a refund check on behalf of the original Vendor

  • To create a deposit for the vendor who had processed the refund check:
  1. In the Banking menu, choose Make Deposits.
  2. If the Payments to Deposit window is displayed, click on OK.
  3. In the Make Deposits window dialog box, choose the Received from drop-down menu and select the vendor who had sent you the refund.
  4. In the From Account drop-down menu, choose the accurate Accounts Payable account.
  5. In the Amount column, type the exact amount which is to be refunded
  6. Click on Save & Close.
  • To generate a Bill for the Amount of the Deposit and set it to the Deposit:
  • In the Vendors menu, click on Enter Bills.
  • In the Vendor field tab, choose the name of the vendor who had sent you the refund.
  • In the Amount Due field, type the amount of the refund.
  • Choose the Expense tab.
  • In the Account field tab, choose a Wash account.
  • In the Amount field, type the amount for refund
  • Click on Save & Close.
  • In the Vendors menu, then choose Pay Bills.
  • Click on the Bill and choose Set Credit.
  • Click on the Credit and choose Done.
  • Choose Pay Selected Bills, then click on Done.
  • To create a Credit for the Original Vendor:
  • In QuickBooks, in the Vendors menu, choose Enter Bills.
  • Click on the Credit radio button.
  • In the Vendor field tab, choose the vendor who had sent you the refund.
  • In the Credit Amount field, type the amount of the refund.
  • Choose the Expense tab.
  • In the Account field, click on the account used on the original Bill.
  • In the Amount field, type the amount of the refund.
  • Click on Save & Close.
  • How will you create a Bill for the Amount of the Credit which is making the Wash Account affected and apply the Bill to the Credit:
  • Open the Vendors menu, then click on Enter Bills.
  • In the Vendor field, choose the vendor who had processed the refund.
  • In the Amount field, type the amount of the refund.
  • In the Expense tab.
  • In the Account field, click on a Wash account.
  • In the Amount field, type the amount for refund
  • Click on Save & Close.
  • In the Vendors menu, click on Pay Bills.
  • Choose the Bill and then click on Set Credit.
  • Click on the Credit and choose Done.
  • Click on Pay Selected Bills, then choose Done.

Hope, this might have satisfied you on this to Record a Vendor Refund in QuickBooks Desktop. But you don’t worry you may contact QuickBooks Support and support a mail to us at You may also visit for more informative articles to update you. Our experts leaders are so well versed in their module that they guide you in best possible way to make your accounting hurdle free.

If you are well versed with the newly and trending accounting software QuickBooks, you are completely in depth knowledgeable person.

QuickBooks is a software used to access financial accounting tools where you are required not to hire an extra employee as this will resolve all your issues you are stuck in. This is designed for all size of business. It is the best software for the beginners, you need not to pay an extra penny to run your business.

Various QuickBooks Web Connect Errors are listed as below:

  • QBWC1005: In this, the Web Connector is not able to open a file in QuickBooks
  • QBWC1006: In this, the Web Connector is not able to search the file where QuickBooks is needed to work, the file is named as QWCLog.txt file.

Here’s how can we resolve this issue:

  • Search and open File Explorer in Windows.
    • To search for the QWCLog.txt file, move to the folder location specified: C:\Users\Public\AppData\local\IntuitQuickBooks Web Connector\version directory
    • Search for the QWCLog.txt file.
    • Then, confirm it should be read only
    • Now, try to re open the Web Connector and check whether the issue is resolved or not
  • QBWC1007, 1008, 1009: In this the error persists when you are trying to connect to QuickBooks, when no company file is opened, QuickBooks is not running.
  • QBWC1011: When application name is not existing in registry
  • QBWC1016: When there is no selected application for updations
  • QBWC1018: When you highlighted the choice of Select All, and there is no application in Web Connector
  • QBWC1019: You marked None, and there is no application in Web Connector
  • QBWC1020: When you are thinking to close the program and Web Connector has scheduled the program.
  • QBWC1030: You have not used any password till yet and syncing is to be done
  • QBWC1035: There is wrong installation done of .QWC file or it is been updated inappropriately.
  • QBWC1038: When you are thinking to type the password and the window is closed mistakenly.
  • QBWC1040: You face this error when either the password entered is incorrect or not set up.

This is indeed a great discussion and you will be highly satisfied with the presentation of our post. You can instantly dial our toll free number at QuickBooks Support USA and you can also draft a mail to us at To value your query is only ours goal.

QuickBooks is accounting software used for various types of business be it any size or if you are new to this QuickBooks then it’s a pleasure to use this software. You will be one of the happiest persona s you are using the one which will reduced the hard core work’s capital, in this no need to hire an accountant. You can yourself manage whole accounting support and if at all you got stuck in between then contact any support where you want to acquire your service.

But the question arises why will you switch to QuickBooks Support, and the answer is because QuickBooks Support is an instant support provider and revert you on priority basis. You evaluation is our result. Thus, you need not to continuously dial our number, rather on a single dial your phone call will be answered. Hence, they are active 24*7 and our number is toll free number which remains in active state 24 hrs. We try our best to deliver the solution in a best reliable manner with most ease which we can provide.

A single software manages whole company file where you can import, export files, automatically repair all the issue being encountered by client. There are various tools in QuickBooks which helps clients to access data. You can perform a clean installation to your files where you can also repair them.

Thus, all will ask you to choose the support where you are comfortable and where you can ask for your query. Thus, QuickBooks Support is a platform where you will get what you want. They are present geographically to guide you in a most systematic manner.

Hope, we will still be in touch with you to provide you such instant informative articles on any of the QuickBooks topics. You can instantly dial our toll free number and you are also eligible to send us a mail at

If you are using QuickBooks, you can easily make a payment to your employees by using the QuickBooks Desktop feature. But you all know if you are paying to your employees then you must have the complete details or you can say the information you must acquire in QuickBooks Desktop. Intuit has made a software which is so reliable and scalable which in return will give you and your business a boom to grow.

If you are stuck anywhere you may contact QuickBooks Support and they will help you out in using QuickBooks’ features which will bring further more accounting tools. In a single software with various functionality of accounting you are good to the top search and our leading experts will surely assist you in best possible way. They are so experienced in their field that they just simply ask for the query and acknowledge them.

There are various measures how will you pay to your employees, like how will you create salary slip, how will the payment proceed, how to pay them working hours and many more. If your company has an accountant then you very well know how complex is filling the employee’s information, it takes long duration and lengthy record to manage. But, QuickBooks Support is highly appreciable to guide you.

You simply follow these steps like:

  • Click on Employee to pay
  • Click on Employee menu, then choose pay Employees
  • If you are paying on the basis of hour, click on the option Enter Hours
  • If you are thinking to pay, click on Create Payment
  • You can also specify the date of payment and time duration like “Payment dates and Payment Period”
  • Now, arrange these employees by the mode of payment and duration of payment
  • If you want a printout of any payment slip, click on to be printed
  • Or you can also click on Create Payment button

By following these methods, you can proceed to pay employees and if stuck with any hassle get connected with QuickBooks Support. You can also connected with our chat experts by mailing us at Our experts are available 24*7 to assist you in most probable way.

What will you do if any of your company employees asks you to customize the item report, and if you don’t know how to do it? Do not panic, our experts of QuickBooks Support is always there to assist you in an efficient manner. To guide you in keeping record of your inventory, QuickBooks Support provides a huge variety of off the shell item reports. You can also modify these reports as per your business requirements.

You must get through the complete knowledge of source and target while you are customizing the reports.

If you are using QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks for Mac, you can easily access Transaction Detail report.

  • In the Reports menu, click on Custom Reports then choose Transaction Detail.
  • Select Customize Report.
  • In the Display tab, choose Item and Item Description in the Column section.
  • In the Filters tab, choose the following filters:
  • Transaction Type = Purchase Order
  • Posting Status = Either
  • Received = No for open Purchase Orders
  • Received = Yes for closed Purchase Orders.

How to use Inventory items used in assemblies which is to be ordered from Vendors

This report displays inventory items that make up assemblies presently on sales order. It will facilitate you to see what are the inventory items which need to be ordered from a vendor? Immediately contact QuickBooks Support. Go through the below instructions carefully:

  • To generate a sales order using the inventory assembly that will be sold to the customer.
  • To generate a pending build for this assembly.
  • Move to the Inventory Stock Status by Item report
  • Click on Reports 
  • Choose  Inventory 
  • Click on Inventory Stock Status by Item
  • View the For Assemblies column to look out what all inventory items are on the pending build.
  • Once the items are received, and the assemblies are prepared to build, click on to the Pending Builds report
  • Choose Reports 
  • Click on Inventory 
  • Select Pending Builds.
  • Double-click on a pending assembly which is ready to be built.
  • Choose Remove Pending Status.
  • Select Build & Close.

You can now generate a new invoice from sales order which was built.

How to use the item in Build Assemblies

  • In the Reports menu, choose Custom Reports then select Summary.
  • In the Display tab, apply the range of date to the specified time period you require.
  • Select Customize Report.
  • On the Display rows by drop-down menu, click on Item detail.
  • In Display columns for, choose Quantity choose Amount if amount is required in dollar.
  • In the Filters tab:
    • Clear out the filter applied by you.
    • Add Transaction Type then click on Build Assembly filter.
    • Add Detail Level then choose all except summary filter.
  • Select Memorize to save the report for future use.

You can follow below mentioned options:

  • Apply the Posting Status filter to either to include pending builds.
  • Modify Display Columns by to Month to show data by month.
  • Apply the Item filter to multiple items and click on desired items.

Item Estimates vs. Actual

This report briefly describes how exactly your company estimate costs and revenues for the items you sold. The report makes a comparison for estimated cost to actual cost and estimated revenue to actual revenue for all items. On an ending note, we are so thankful that you took out time to be patient and go through our blogs or articles. We will continue to keep posting such useful information. If at all you will face any issue you can make us a call at our QuickBooks Support team at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number. Please drop us a mail at for any issue. Our executives will call you back within next 24 hrs.

There are situations when you require recording bounced checks and new customer payments.

You can record these transactions by using the Check screen which requires a number of steps. On the offset if you want to enter a returned or bounced check using Write Check, freely contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

Method 1: How to enter the returned check with Write Check

The first and foremost step is to enter the bounced check using Check window:

  • Click on New.
  • In Vendors tab , click on Check.
  • In the Payee field, choose the name of the customer who has issued you the bounced check.
  • In the Bank Account drop-down menu, click on to your bank.
  • In the Payment date field, type the date on which the check was bounced
  • Clear the Print Later checkbox and type a note, like NSF check, in the Check number field.
  • In Account details, click on Accounts Receivable from the drop-down menu in the Account column.
  • Type the amount of the bounced check in the Amount field.
  • Click on Save and close.

When the bounced check is recorded, the next step is to modify the payment entry to apply on to the bounced check.

Method 2: Modify the payment entry

The next step is to alter the payment entry to set on to the bounced check entry:

  • In the left menu, choose Sales or Invoicing.
  • On the Customers tab, click on to the name of the customer who has issued the bounced check to open the Transaction List.
  • Search and choose the payment record that you have created for the bounced check.
  • Click on to the checkbox of the bounced check (NSF check) entry.
  • Clean out the checkbox of the invoice to which the payment was originally applied.
  • Click on Save and close.

The payment entry is changed to apply to the bounced check entry. The next method is to generate Service items for bounced checks and fees to use in recording these charges.

If you have already created these Service items, you can switch to next step and generate an invoice for the bounced check fee. If facing any issue immediately contact QuickBooks Support USA.

Method 3: To create Service items for bounced checks and fees

Create two Service items for returned checks and associated fees to use when charging returned check fees to your customers:

  • Click on to Settings.
  • In Lists tab, click on Products and Services.
  • Click on New.
  • In the Product/Service information tab, click on Service.
  • In the Name field, type Bounced Check.
  • In the Income account drop-down menu, choose the bank account on which the check was returned.
  • Click on Save and new to generate the second item.
  • Name the second item Bounced Check Fee.
  • In the Income account drop-down menu, choose or add an income account known as Bounced Check Fees.
  •  Otherwise, you can choose an expense account that you can use to track your bank charges.
  • Click on Save and close.

If you are able to solve this issue, you can make your accounting hassle free. The Service items can now be used. The next step is to generate an invoice for the bounced check fee.

Method 4: To generate an invoice for the bounced check fee

To generate an invoice for the returned check fee:

  • Click on New.
  • In Customers tab, click on to Invoice.
  • Choose the Customer name and type the date and the bounced check in the Invoice date field.
  • In the Product/Service tab, choose the Bounced check fee item you had created from the drop-down menu.
  • Type the Amount to charge the customer for the bounced check.
  • Click on Save and close.

The invoice for the bounced check fee is now created. The next step is to type the bank service charge as an expense.

Method 5: Type the charges for bank service

To enter an expense for the bank service charge:

  • Click on New.
  • In Vendors tab, click on Expense.
  • In the Bank/Credit account drop-down menu, choose your bank.
  • In the Payment date field, type the date for bounced check.
  • Type NSF fee in the Ref no. field.
  • In Account details tab, click on to the Bank Charges expense account in the drop-down menu in the Account field.
  • Type the amount your bank has charged you for the bounced check in the Amount column.
  • Click on Save and close.

Now, when the fee is recorded, the next step is to send a statement to the customer related to the bounced check and fees.

Method 6: Print and launch the statement to your customer

If you want to send a statement related to the bounced check and fees to the customer, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • In the left menu, click on to Sales or Invoicing.
  • On the Customers tab, choose the name of the customer to whom you want to issue the bounced check to open the Transaction List.
  • Click on Statement from the New transaction drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Statement Type to create from the drop-down list.
  • Apply the Statement DateStart Date, and End Date.
  • Click on to Print to create a copy of the statement, or
  • Choose Save and send to create an email to send to the customer with the attached statement.

Now, the statement is generated for the customer. Once payment is received, the next step is to keep track of the new payment. Instantly dial QuickBooks Support.

Method 7: How to record the new payment from your customer

If you want to record the payment of customer:

  • Click on to the Create icon.
  • In Customers tab, click onto Receive Payment.
  • Choose the customer from the Customer drop-down menu.
  • Type the mode of payment as Payment date and Payment method for the new payment.
  • Choose the Deposit to account from the drop-down list.
  • Type the Amount you received.
  • Click onto the invoice from the Outstanding Transactions list.
  • Click on Save and close.

The payment is now recorded. Hope, you are very much satisfied with this post. And now, you will be able to perform this on your own but if in case you will face any glitches, you are free to make us a call at QuickBooks Support Phone Number. You can also drop us a mail at