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In today’s competitive market when QuickBooks is so much in demand you get quick access to all your needs in business. Prior to exporting of any hours from T Sheets to QuickBooks, you may use the Payroll item mapping tool with which you can allocate payroll items to the working hours, else QuickBooks will not approve it.

  • QuickBooks Online Plus, Essentials, or Advanced: When you want to access the initial payroll item mapping is performed during setup of the T Sheets and QuickBooks Online integration. You can use the below listed guidelines for the modifications for mapped payroll items.
    • Click on the Use QuickBooks Online for payroll box in the QuickBooks Online Integration Preferences to make this option enable.
  • QuickBooks Desktop: First, apply up the T Sheets and QuickBooks Desktop integration, then map payroll items.

Learn to map payroll item by:

  • Employee
  • Customer Class
  • Employee section

By Employee

If you are thinking for a default item allocate for every individual hours to keep record of the employees for mapping employees payroll section. It clearly defined that to keep record of working hours on a regular basis. If you want to keep record of employees who work regularly in that case only a single payroll is assigned to them.

  • If you are working in T Sheets, then click on QuickBooks, and choose Preferences tab.
  • Click on the Payroll Item Mapping Tool.
  • In the Employee Map tab, select the name of an employee
  • In each hour type column, choose one payroll item for every individual where you have saved all your preferences.
  • Choose Employee CSV to download a spreadsheet.
  • Once you are over with the downloading process, close the window

Hope you are now clear with this content, and you are now able to map the payroll item on your own, if still not over with the issue you can immediately contact QuickBooks Payroll Support. You can also drop us a mail on our email id at You can also get connected with our executives available 24*7 to help you for making the accounting result better in order to make it hassle free. We provide a great support in a manner to satisfy our precious clients so that they can focus on your business. You can also make a visit on our website at

In order to view the labour cost for job you must manually enter the pay checks for the employees manually. Enable the manual payroll functionality. This is a great feature to track the expenses.

  • Go to The QuickBooks Desktop icon on your Pc
  • Double click on the icon of QuickBooks Desktop to get it opened
  • If you have not installed QuickBooks, you must first install QuickBooks on your PC to get the functionality.
  • In the Edit menu, click on Preferences tab
  • In the left window, select Payroll and Employees
  • In the Company Preferences tab, open QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Features tab
  • Click on Full Payroll
  • Choose OK

Dial our QuickBooks Payroll Support if you are not able to solve this labour expense job

If you want to set QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • In the Help menu, click on QuickBooks Help
  • In Help Search field, enter manual Payroll
  • Hit Enter
  • Choose option Process Payroll manually
  • In Set your company files to use the manual payroll calculations setting tab, choose the manual payroll calculations link.
  • Choose Set my Company File to use manual calculations
  • Click on OK
  • Close and then Reopen QuickBooks

Stuck in between while processing QuickBooks Payroll Support feel free to contact us.

If you are thinking to record the pay checks:

  • Choose Employees at the top of menu bar, then click on Pay Employee.
  • You must confirm about the Pay Period which are ending and Check Date entered are correct.
  • Choose the name of the employee, and then select the Open Pay check Details link.
  • In the Employee Summary tab, type the taxes which are need to be taken out from the pay check.
  • In the Company Summary, enter the taxes contributed by the company.
  • Choose Save and Close, then click on Continue.

If the checks are already been made subsequent of pay checks then you are required to delete them so that duplicate entries does not exists.

  • In the Lists menu, click on Chart of Accounts
  • Try to open the bank account where you have deposited the checks
  • In the Register option, view the check at once on single instant
  • Hold Ctrl + D so that those entries can be deleted
  • Click on Save and Close

This solutions proved out to be best. Indeed if you are facing any bugs feel free to contact us at our toll free number of QuickBooks payroll Support. You are also invited to send us a mail at You can be in touch with our expert leaders for better knowledge.

You may be amazed to see the detailed content on payroll NSF Bank returns. So, here we go with the discussion. When you are thinking to send the transactions of Payroll, Intuit tries to debit from the bank account to file that. And guess what if suppose your bank will ignore the transactions of debit that is known to be bank return which will ultimately be suspended until you will make the transaction again.

How will you fix NSF Bank Return issue?

Bringing you the solution with the help of QuickBooks Payroll Support, be informed that NSF is non-sufficient funds. There are various criteria where you can be in a dilemma state to resolve such issues in QuickBooks.

To know that the Status of account has been reactivated

If you are thinking to solve the issue on knowing about the status of account which is asked to reactivate, then you must follow the instructions given below:

  • Click on Get Payroll Updates
  • Choose Account Maintenance Page
  • Click on the status of your account in Direct deposit for Basic, Standard and Enhanced Payroll
  • Click on Service Status for assisted payroll

You must check if our account is displaying active state by dispatching the expense as zero, if it goes well then it signifies that the account is in active state. If you are stuck get it solved by QuickBooks Payroll Support.

How to resolve if an attempt to re-debit fails?

If you made an attempt for re debit and it get failed, need not to panic, we at QuickBooks Payroll Support is here to resolve it. You must check for the following so that you will be sure what had stopped your re debit.

  • Termination of Payroll Service
  •  The taxes which are not to be collected to avoid any outstanding.
  • If the account is been turned over, no longer work will be required.

Hope, this has met your expectations, if still at stoppage point immediately call us on our toll free number of QuickBooks Payroll Support and you can also mail us on our mail id at You can also get the benefit of getting active with our chat leaders to resolve your issues in no time. You will be pleased to be in touch with us. You can also visit our website for more latest updates on QuickBooks at

This post is highly updated to give you the latest updations with latest version of QuickBooks Desktop. You will be glad to know that our QuickBooks Payroll Support will provide you a complete glimpse on this error.

While you are updating QuickBooks Desktop to fix the error you might come across various other series of errors which starts from 15 series like it could be anything. All these errors reflects same issue the only thing is to get the perfect solution for all errors.

To resolve 15XX QuickBooks Error with QuickBooks Payroll Support

Follow the onscreen methods to resolve QuickBooks Errors series starting from 15XX:

  • Run rebbot.bat
  • Reboot your computer now. Then try to open QuickBooks desktop from PC
  • If you are thinking to install an update, click on Install Now

We really hope that you will be able to install an update, if not or still stuck you can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support.

  • If installation update is not finished, you can either delete or download the update
    • Close QuickBooks Desktop
    • Follow the path to reach the destination: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks < versionXX> \Components. Here xx denotes the year in which it was re updated
  • Click to open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on the Help menu, choose Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • In the Update Now tab, highlight Reset the Updates
  • Once download is completed, click on Close and Reopen QuickBooks
  • In the QuickBooks Desktop Update Service Window, click on Install Now

If still you are facing error, try the below listed methods so that you can rid from these errors:

  • Confirm the settings of QuickBooks Desktop and Internet Explorer
  • Configure properly the virus settings and Internet security settings for QuickBooks Desktop
  • Choose Install or Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop

Hope, you have completed the solution of resolving QuickBooks Payroll Support which occurs while you are updating QuickBooks Desktop. You can simply contact us or you can also drop us a mail at Our executives sitting on desk is ready to help you 24*7.

Stuck while filing the tax, you are not aware about the processing of tax form in QuickBooks Desktop. Tax filing is very important in business. As per the government rules, every employee or business organization needs to pay the tax. But you should be aware of processing it.

How to process Tax Forms (W2, W3)?

Follow the onscreen instructions very carefully as tax is to filed very attentively given by QuickBooks Payroll Support.

  • In the Employee menu, choose Payroll Tax Forms and W2
  • Click to Process payroll Form so that form can be opened
  • Choose Create form so that form can be created but you have to select the accurate form whether you want to file W2 or W3
  • Verify the time period entered is correct
  • That is to be filled by clicking on Select Filing Period.
  • Click on Auto Fill
  • Choose OK
  • QuickBooks will automatically enter all the expenses into the form
  • Verify all errors and modify them so that none of the error occur at the time of tax payment.
  • If required, compare the tax form with the Payroll Summary report, if not able to get contact QuickBooks Payroll Support.
  • In Federal forms click on to the Reports menu, then choose Employees & Payroll
  • Click on Employee State Taxes Detail
  • Save this PDF file by clicking on Save this PDF
  • Now, you are eligible for filing e forms.

Hope, you are over with the query of processing, if still stuck in between you can immediately call QuickBooks Payroll Support and you can also drop us a mail at Our experts are available 24*7 to help you out .

You must be tired of managing the lengthy excel sheets for keeping complete record, but you have to make sure and make it verified that data you are entering is correct. But, with QuickBooks desktop avails this feature to carry your accounting error free. There are numerous ways by which you can view how much time you are working by viewing your timesheets or inspecting total hours. For any insight query or error you can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support.

In Computer


  • In to Time Entries 
  • Click on Timesheets.
  • Select the range of date (Week, Month, etc.) on the top, then move backward or forward in time by selecting < and > to see all your timesheets.

Payroll Report

  • Move to  Reports 
  • Click on Payroll Report.
  • Select your data range and if you would like to see your hours in Hours and Minutes (HH:MM) or Decimals, then you have to select Run Report.
  • Your time totals will be viewed at the top.
  • Choose your name to see your individual timesheets for your given date range.

By Using Manual Time Card

  • Move to the Time Entries 
  • Click on Manual Time Card.
  • By using the arrows at the top of the manual time card, click on to the week.
  • You will be able to see the total number of hours worked each day.
  • The total number of hours worked for the week will be viewed at the very bottom of page.

If at all issue is solved you can simply proceed towards functioning of QuickBooks Desktop and if stuck somewhere you can simply call us at QuickBooks Payroll Support.

In Mobile


  • In T Sheets, click on Overview.
  • Press Enter on WEEK TOTAL or PAY PERIOD at the top to display your total hours for each option.


  • In T Sheets, click on Timesheets.
  • You will be able to see complete list of Timesheets.

You can go through our posts to get a guide on any topic related to QuickBooks. Our executives are always steadily available 24*7 to help you out in best possible manner they can. Feel free to contact us at QuickBooks Payroll Support or you can drop us mail at

Our QuickBooks Payroll Support guides you in a best possible way to make your QuickBooks accounting hurdle free. Termination checks are assigned by an individual set of state rules defining when you must pay to your employees when they got separated from employment because of many reasons like discharge, layoff, or resignation. Such requirements make promises to all employees receive all wages they have earned on for their last day of employment. We will update you how to create termination checks.

To create a termination check

  • In the QuickBooks Desktop menu, click on Employees 
  • Then select Pay Employees > Click on Termination Check.
  • In the Enter Payroll Information window tab, type the correct Pay Period Ends and Check Date
  • In a manner to ignore a late fee, the Check Date must be dated today or a future date.
  • Verify that bank chosen is correct Next to Bank Account 
  • Put a checkmark next to all employees to whom you want to pay a termination paycheck.
  • In the Release Date column tab, choose the box next to the employee.
  • Calendar icon will be displayed.
  • Choose the Calendar icon, and then click on the release date employee’s.
  • Enter working hours for each designated employee.
  • Or correct the Total Hours or Salary amount.
  • To use or update paycheck list, contact QuickBooks Payroll Support or you can also follow steps mentioned below in this post:
  1. Click on the name of an employee
  2. In the Preview Paycheck window, type or update information of paycheck.
    • If the employee access direct deposit, check that the Use Direct Deposit box is marked accurately. If you do not want to access paycheck to be direct deposit, click on to clear Use Direct Deposit.
    • Number of termination paychecks is live checks instead of direct deposit paychecks.
    • If you do not require vacation and sick to accrue on this particular paycheck, select the box Do Not Accrue Sick/Vac.
  3. Click on Save and Next to move further to the next employee.
  4. Or you can also click on Save and Close to move back to the Enter Payroll Info window.
  5. Click on OK to return to the Enter Hours screen.
  • Click on Continue.
  • The Make Employees Inactive window will now be opened.
  • Click on Make Inactive to make the status of an employee inactive.
  • Or Keep as Active to record the employee on the active employee list.
  • In the Review and Create Paychecks window, list out all the taxes, deductions, net pay, employer taxes and contributions.
  • If you want to review or modify these amounts, you can click on the name of employee.
  • Click on to Create Paychecks. QuickBooks Payroll Support allows users to resolve their issues.
  • On the basis of Payroll service, the Confirmation and Next Steps window will open. You must follow the on screen instructions carefully; QuickBooks Desktop will give you the further step.

Hope, we made clear to you regarding your issues of creation of termination check. For, further assistance you can ask support from QuickBooks Payroll Support. Feel free to guide yourself by visiting a complete tour of our article. You can also drop us a mail at Our executives with expert knowledge consider your issues as the top most priority and to deliver the solution is our acknowledgement toward yours reverts.