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Must be thinking about the QuickBooks? This accounting software had made a place as compared to other accounting software as this is very easy to use and anyone can use it. With all advancement in features you will be able to expand your business without any external support. You need not to contact any person for any error you can either simply contact us at QuickBooks Technical Support.

What do you know about QuickBooks Error 1335?

This QuickBooks Error 1335 occurs when the cabinet file is required for current installation or when this file is either damaged or corrupted. You must be aware that this QuickBooks Error 1335 is Windows error so there could be possibility that you need to contact QuickBooks Technical Support.

Why this QuickBooks Error 1335 occurs?

This may be caused due to when CD or any external device is damaged or it is dust erected which can cause disturbance while reading. When there is improper installation of memory.

You must make sure while you are installing QuickBooks on your computer, you must disable anti-virus program on your computer.

How to fix QuickBooks Error 1335?

There are various methods with which you can solve this QuickBooks Error 1335, some of them are. It is not mandatory that every clients will have same method of resolving rather it is their requirement of Windows or the solution which matches their error. If at all you will still not be able to solve problem you can immediately contact QuickBooks Technical Support.

Method 1: Download and Install QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

  • Click to open your default web browser or you can directly open Internet Explorer
  • Verify your Internet Connection
  • Locate for QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool with .exe file
  • Download the file and save it in your system
  • Save as per your preferences
  • Double click on .exe file you want to run
  • Click on “ I am having problems in installing QuickBooks
  • Choose Ok

Method 2: How will you manually resolve QuickBooks Error 1335

  • Reboot your computer
  • Sign in to your computer as Administrator
  • Inset the installation drive on your CD drive
  • If Installation wizard gets opened, click to close it
  • On your keyboard, hold Windows  + E
  • Paste the QuickBooks Folder from CD to your desktop
  • Search for setup.exe file
  • You can now install QuickBooks on your PC

If QuickBooks Error 1335 is still displayed, you can immediately contact our QuickBooks Technical Support.

Method 3: Perform the clean installation on your computer

  • Restart your computer
  • Sign in to your system
  • If you are running Windows 8, 7 or Vista, C:\Users]Username\AppData\\Local\Temp

Till now, your QuickBooks Error 1335 is sorted out if not you can immediately make a call to us at QuickBooks Technical Support and you can also drop us a mail at Our experts who are highly qualified are so attentive in their domain so that they can give you the best possible solution