Call QuickBooks Technical Support to Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop

By verify data explains the most known data issues within a company file while rebuilding data identifies itself with most of the issues which Verify Data finds. With the help of this feature of QuickBooks you will not be facing any error in qbwin.log file. You must connect with our QuickBooks Technical Support team who are available 24*7 to help you in managing your records and error free file in QuickBooks Desktop.

What is the root cause to use the Verify and Rebuild features?

  • When you are accessing QuickBooks Desktop, the Fatal errors you come across
  • All the invoices or reports which shows different values with those of the values show negative values.
  • When the payments which were deposited, payments displays up in the Payments to Deposit window.
  • Balance sheet reports do not display all accounts.
  • When the name of employees, or transactions are missing from QuickBooks Desktop company file.
  • Run a well-data cross verification to check whether the file you will use is stress free or not.

Verify data

  • Click on Window then select Close All.
  • Verify Data. Select File then click on Utilities.
  • Choose Verify Data. If the errors are displayed:
    • “QuickBooks detected no problems with your data,” no more required action for future
    • “Your data has lost integrity,” explains there is damaged data in the company file. 

To resolve the issue, consult QuickBooks Technical Support

Rebuild data

  • Click on File, then choose Utilities then
  • Click on Rebuild Data.
  • A warning message will be displayed to take backup your company file, hit OK.
  • In rebuild data, company file requires a backup process which may be required to delete transactions or list entries to resolve the file.
  • Before making any prior changes, a company back up file will have a secured copy.
  • Choose the place where you want to save your backup, then click on OK at the bottom of the QuickBooks Desktop Backup window.
  • The message displayed asks if at all you want to replace another backup file, click on NO
  • Type a new name in the File name field and choose Save.
  • If the backup fails, click on Cancel at the Rebuild and consult QuickBooks Technical Support
  • As soon as the backup gets finished, choose The Rebuild Data utility
  • When you see the message “Rebuild has completed”. Hit OK

Confirm for data damage of remaining file

  • Run Verify Data again to verify for data damage of remaining file.
  • Click on File, then choose Utilities then click on Verify Data.
  • If at all there is some extra damage to your file will be notified by Verify Data.
  • Search for the error within the qbwin.log file
  • If the error is not found, you can attempt to restore a recent backup.
  • Click on File
  • Then Choose Restore

Hope, you had solved the issue of Verifying data and rebuilding data with the help of QuickBooks Technical Support. If at all still the message is seen, drop us a mail on our mail id at You can also visit our website

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