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You may be amazed to see the detailed content on payroll NSF Bank returns. So, here we go with the discussion. When you are thinking to send the transactions of Payroll, Intuit tries to debit from the bank account to file that. And guess what if suppose your bank will ignore the transactions of debit that is known to be bank return which will ultimately be suspended until you will make the transaction again.

How will you fix NSF Bank Return issue?

Bringing you the solution with the help of QuickBooks Payroll Support, be informed that NSF is non-sufficient funds. There are various criteria where you can be in a dilemma state to resolve such issues in QuickBooks.

To know that the Status of account has been reactivated

If you are thinking to solve the issue on knowing about the status of account which is asked to reactivate, then you must follow the instructions given below:

  • Click on Get Payroll Updates
  • Choose Account Maintenance Page
  • Click on the status of your account in Direct deposit for Basic, Standard and Enhanced Payroll
  • Click on Service Status for assisted payroll

You must check if our account is displaying active state by dispatching the expense as zero, if it goes well then it signifies that the account is in active state. If you are stuck get it solved by QuickBooks Payroll Support.

How to resolve if an attempt to re-debit fails?

If you made an attempt for re debit and it get failed, need not to panic, we at QuickBooks Payroll Support is here to resolve it. You must check for the following so that you will be sure what had stopped your re debit.

  • Termination of Payroll Service
  •  The taxes which are not to be collected to avoid any outstanding.
  • If the account is been turned over, no longer work will be required.

Hope, this has met your expectations, if still at stoppage point immediately call us on our toll free number of QuickBooks Payroll Support and you can also mail us on our mail id at You can also get the benefit of getting active with our chat leaders to resolve your issues in no time. You will be pleased to be in touch with us. You can also visit our website for more latest updates on QuickBooks at

When you are on to QuickBooks processing company data, you require some steps to be followed with it to get the proper installation done and set up a network in multi user mode. If you are planning to share your QuickBooks Desktop with many other clients then go through these methods.

QuickBooks is accounting software used to access financial accounting tools to accommodate the company file in QuickBooks.

Method 1: Set up QuickBooks Desktop

In multi-user network where one single computer host the company file in QuickBooks.  That is known as server computer. All other computers when connected to your network doesn’t allow your Company file to access known as workstations.

  • If you have downloaded, then continue with the processing else follow the steps to download and then install QuickBooks Desktop on PC
  • Click on Custom and Network install for the install type.
  • Choose I’ll be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer, AND I’ll be storing
  • If you want to download the full version of QuickBooks Desktop on your server computer. Or if you just want your server computer to host your files, click on I will NOT be using QuickBooks Desktop on this computer
  • Go through the on-sight instructions to finish the install.

Once the installation is finished, switch to next step else contact QuickBooks Support

Method 2: Set folder permissions

You must check that the folder where your company files are stored must have the permissions to be holded by your network.

Method 3: Install Database Server Manager

This is a feature in QuickBooks where it also installs QuickBooks Database Server Manager on your main computer. This tool allows you to share your company files with other computers through your network rights. Must check whether the Database Server Manager is installed or not, if not ask for the help from QuickBooks Support team.

Method 4: Apply the admin rights

Be confirmed that the account you are using to log in to your server computer has the Windows admin rights to access. Take a note that Windows user account for Database Server Manager must also have admin rights.

Method 5: Use Database Server Manager

Once you have installed the database server manager, must read these steps and then must this to scan the folder which contains your company files.

If still you are struggling with the issue of installing and setting up of multi user network in QuickBooks Desktop, you may call us on toll free number for QuickBooks Support. You can also drop a mail to us at Our expert leaders with their proficient knowledge helps us to carve better for your understanding so that you can enlighten the skills of your team with this solution.

While you are trying to install QuickBooks Desktop, you must have troubleshoot the errors you came across. If you are using QuickBooks as a software then you might have come across this error. The account of Windows may either be damaged or the list of networks which are unavailable.

The error which will be displayed to you is “Could not access network location”.

If you are thinking about the solution, to resolve the issue QuickBooks Error 1606, you must follow some of the methods:

Method 1: Install QuickBooks using the Administrator user account

This admin account is usually handled by your technical team or owner of the company.

  • Reboot your computer.
  • Use all the authentication for the Windows Administrator username and password to log in to your computer.
  • Install QuickBooks.

Method 2: Install QuickBooks in Selective Start up

If you are thinking to install or uninstall QuickBooks Desktop in selective startup mode

  • Perform a complete backup of your company file
  • Generate a copy of QuickBooks Desktop and the details of license
  • Press Windows + R to make a run command
  • Type msconfig, click on OK
  • In General tab, click on Selective Startup
  • Choose Load System Services
  • In the Service tab, click on Hide all Microsoft Services
  • Click on Disable All
  • Unmark the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
  • Confirm that the Windows Installer checkbox is highlighted from the list of services.
  • If it is not selected, choose the checkbox.
  • Click on OK.
  • On the System Configuration window, click on Restart.

If you are stuck in between, you may contact QuickBooks Error Support.

Method 3: Install QuickBooks using a new Windows Administrator user

  • Generate a new Windows user with Admin rights.
  • Install QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 4: If you are running QuickBooks Desktop in Windows 7 installed in Parallels

  • Log out of your parallel and sign in
  • In the parallel Desktop, click on Devices and choose Shared Folders.
  • Click on Disconnect All 
  • Sign back in and install QuickBooks Desktop.

Method 5: Resolve incorrect registry subkey

Only the admin person can access it. You are now able to solve QuickBooks Error 1606 on your own, if still not able to resolve you may contact QuickBooks Error Support.

Feel free to contact us on QuickBooks Error Support on toll free number and you can also mail us at You can also be in touch with our executives available all round the clock.

Have you ever come across the technical support of QuickBooks? If yes, then you might not be satisfied with that. But try once, take your hands out of the box with us at QuickBooks Technical Support, one of the greatest technical support of QuickBooks all over the world. Here, in this post we will discuss to acknowledge and process the payments of customers for invoices and in sales. If you have QuickBooks Payments installed on your Pc, then only you will be able to access it. Highlighted feature of QuickBooks we came across till day today. We had already updated in the post to install QuickBooks Payments, still error occurs contact QuickBooks Technical Support. There are methods with which you can pay to customers like paying online, generating direct deposit, by emailing invoices to customers and even more.

If at all the client is visiting your business, then also you can pay your customers. This is the time we will discuss steps for each customers to get the payment.

Method 1:  Log in or connect with the current QuickBooks Payments account

Till now you might have already logged in for QuickBooks Payments, then you must first sign up on this page to get access to QuickBooks Payments. If you have already account in QuickBooks Payments, then you must connect with your account of QuickBooks Desktop.

Contact QuickBooks Technical Support for any kind of query you come across.

Method 2: Process Payments in QuickBooks Desktop

By now, you are ready for the payment receivable. Now, it’s your duty to send the choice to customer whether they want to pay online or they want to pay end to end. In this either the customer comes to your business or choose an option to pay.

For end to end payments, follow the guidelines given below:

  • In the Customers menu click on Create Sales Receipts.
  • Choose the customer from the Customer: Job dropdown menu.
  • Add the products and services for the customer payment
  • Complete all details on the sales receipt.
  • Choose the mode of payment: CashCheck, or Visa
  • Once you are done, click on Save & Close.

If customers are thinking to process the payment for open invoice, follow these guidelines:

  • In the Customers menu click on Receive Payments.
  • Choose the customer from the Received From dropdown menu.
  • In the transactions tab, click on the checkbox next to the invoice on which you want to apply the payment. On the particular invoice you had sent already.
  • Choose the mode of payment: CashCheck, or Visa
  • Once you are done, click on Save & Close.

Hope, you are now able to deal with your customers, if not you can contact our toll free number QuickBooks Technical Support instantly to get the help. You can also mail us on our mail id at You can also be connected with our leaders in their fields through chat, an extreme great option to deal live.

You are needed to create a pay check for an employee, you must consult QuickBooks Technical Support to resolve any issue. You must first be informed about QuickBooks, it is accounting software used for many accounting professionals to use accounting tools to manage or handle data. It helps in handling various things like managing payroll sheets, handling records, T sheets for managing in QuickBooks.

Go through the methods given by QuickBooks Technical Support:

Method 1: Set up Payroll for your record

When you have just entered into phase of entering employee information, you will now be able to create and allocate pay schedules to each individual employees. You can also set up different or number of pay schedules to manage your workplace.

Method 2: Choose the Payroll mode you want to Run

Be informed that once you have applied for payroll set up, you are now capable of creating pay checks for your employee. When you have started creating pay checks, you must also check that you have entered accurate pay checks. There are two types of payroll you require while you are running QuickBooks.

Scheduled Payroll

IN this type of payroll, you need to pay the employees with the types of employees with that of pay types you have selected. You will also now have the pay duration and pay date on an interval the frequency you are choosing.

Unscheduled Payroll

There are chances that you might require to send the payroll check without an interval, there you will be requiring unscheduled payroll. These unscheduled payroll include bonus, commission or final pay checks.

Method 3: To generate pay checks

  • Click on Employees, then choose Pay Employees,
  • Choose from the types of check Scheduled PayrollUnscheduled Payroll or Termination Check.
  • Click on the exact schedule in the Create Pay checks tab, and click on Start schedule Payroll.
  • Confirm the Pay Period Ending date, Date of issued check, and name of the account and the bank name from where you have taken the money.
  • If you want to view the detail of pay check of every client, click on Open Pay check Detail.
  • Click on Save & Next to go to the next employee, or click on Save & Close to go back to the Enter Payroll Information tab.
  • Now, when you are ready to create checks, click on Continue.
  • If you want to print the check, you must see for the Check deposit or Direct Deposit printing options.
  • Confirm the amounts for each employee which is to be paid, and click on Create Pay checks.
  • It is totally your choice whether you want to print it now or afterwards, Print pay checks and print pay stubs .

Hope, you are now satisfied with our response. If you want more detailed view or guidance you can contact us without any hesitation on our toll free number at QuickBooks Technical Support and you can also mail us on our mail id at

You might be having knowledge on T sheets but there are various aspects in T sheets, so you must also know about the time off requests.

In this you will know the roles of each individual entity:

  • Admins and managers can manage their time off timesheets in large number.
  • Admins and managers can accept or reject team member time off requests.
  • Team members can request time off based on the amount of time off they are assumed to have on the day requested.

How to Configure Time off preferences

Go through the guidelines given by QuickBooks Support:

  • Open T Sheets
  • In the Company Settings tab
  • Click on Time Options 
  • Choose Time Off.
  • Choose Enable time off.
  • Click on Allow team members to submit their own time off.
  • Choose which days entry is allowed on.
  • Select Require approvals to permit requests.
  • Choose Allow managers to edit team members’ time off ledgers.

Learn to Time off notifications

How will you update notifications globally:

  • In the Company Settings menu,
  • Click on Notifications 
  • Choose Time Off Requests.

Call QuickBooks Support if you are thinking  to update notifications individually:

  • In the My Team tab, click on a user to access Team Member
  • Choose Notifications.

You can immediately contact QuickBooks Support to get in touch with us to resolve any query

Set up time off codes

  • In the Feature Add-ons
  • Click on Time Off Codes.
  • The Time Off Preferences window will be displayed.
  • Click on Add New.
  • Type the Time Off name and click on whether it is a Paid code or Unpaid code.
  • To allocate to one who can access the code, select Assign to Individuals or Groups.
  • Make your selections and choose Save.

Here, in this post we will also update you about configuring and assign team member accruals

How to configure and assign team member accruals

  • In the Feature Add-ons click on Time Off Codes.
  • Once you have clicked on Time Off code you want to make active to, click on edit.
  • Verify Track Accruals or, click on Edit Settings.
  • In the Accrual Settings drop-down menu, click on the duration like None, Manual, Yearly, Every Pay Period, or Based on Hours Worked.

This might have solved all your issues you faced while you were trying your hands on T sheets in QuickBooks Desktop. But, we will confirm if you are still facing any query you are free to contact us on QuickBooks Support and mail us at

Managing items manually might listen very weird but you tend to do so. But, now if you are using QuickBooks as accounting software then there is no issue you will face. Earlier, individual used to manage this task on their own. But with QuickBooks all became easy to accomplish the task.

Consignment can be defined as an agreement between seller and re seller where payments are only paid when the goods or products are sold by re-seller. When QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale not able to track the sales for consignment but there are still some features for this solution.

If you are not able to understand contact QuickBooks Point of Sale Support immediately.

Method 1: Set up the seller, item and POS preference

  • Set up the seller
    • In the Purchasing menu, click on New Vendor.
    • Type the name of the Vendor and other information about the vendor.
    • Click on Save.
  • Apply the consignment item.
    • In the Inventory menu, click on New Item.
    • Type a name for the item
    • In the Vendor drop-down menu, select the Seller which you had created
    • Click on Save.
  • Generate a Purchase Order for the item.
  • This step can only be accessed in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale. If you want to track the consignment transactions, you can follow these methods:
    • In the Purchasing menu, click on New Purchase Order.
    • In the Vendor drop-down menu, select the seller you had earlier created
    • Choose the Enter Item drop-down menu and select the consignment item.
    • In the Ordered field tab, type the quantity of item.
    • Click on Save.
  • Apply the Receiving preferences to make sure vendor billing information is entered in QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale.
  • These methods are only applied to only those users who perform Financial Exchange with QuickBooks Desktop. Applying these methods helps us to create the bill for the seller in QuickBooks Desktop once the item is been sold out.
    • In the File menu, click on Preferences tab
    • Click on Company.
    • Click on Receiving then highlight the Enter vendor billing information in Point of Sale.
    • Click on Save.

With this, you might have now able to know to set up the consignments and track its transactions. You are free to call us at QuickBooks Point of Sale Support and drop a mail to us at You are free to contact us without any instant delay. Feel free to contact us on toll free number. You will get the service all round the clock and available geographically without any additional cost and delay.

If you are thinking to open QuickBooks Point of Sale on your PC then you must gain the knowledge of attaching some external hardware drivers like barcode scanners, receipt printers, PIN boards and many other.

It is not necessary that you get stuck with some software or feature related issues rather it is important to get complete knowledge on hardware attachments also.

Points to keep in mind while attaching any external drive, go through the given instructions:

  • Be sure about the proper installation of software on your PC, because if QuickBooks is not properly installed then there would surely the occurrence of issues while getting access to it.
  • The operating system you are using  must be updated

Method 1: Install QuickBooks Point of Sale

  • In the File menu, click on Hardware Setup Wizard
  • Choose the type of hardware you are using to install
  • Click on Next, and go through the instructions how to connect with it
  • To set up and test each individual hardware

If you are not able to apply set up, you can contact QuickBooks Point of Sale Support

Method 2: Reinstall the driver

  • Scroll for the path to C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale 18.0\Drivers.
  • Search for the folder for the driver you want to install
  • Now, run the .exe file for the driver you want to install.
  • Go through the on-screen instructions so that you can reinstall the server
  • Once the installation is finished, follow the steps discussed above in method 1.

If you are using Barcode Scanner as a hardware to get attached with

Step 1: Examine the bar code

Step 2: Reset the scanner to the factory default setting

  • Click on Products
  • Choose Barcode Scanners
  • Click on Handheld Barcode Scanner
  • Choose the model of your scanner
  • In the Documents tab, click on Quick Star Guide

This might have solved all your issues of getting an error of attaching any hard drive with your PC to use QuickBooks, but if in case you are not able to do so or the steps explained above you need not to worry. You may immediately contact QuickBooks Point of Sale Support to make your accounting stress free. You can dial our toll free number in no time and throw back a query so that it can be responded to get the maximum result. You can also mail us at

This is somewhat you have never thought of and believe me you won’t even imagine a situation of getting some inappropriate data entry in log in page. What will you do if you have faced this? You don’t get panic, QuickBooks Error Support will help you by giving a detailed summary on this error.

Go through the below listed methods in order to resolve this error given by QuickBooks Error Support:

  • Foremost thing is to sign in the page of admin
  • In the Company menu,
    • If you are using QuickBooks Pro or Premier, then follow the guideline given below else switch onto next method
      • Click on Setup Users and Password
      • Choose Set Up Users
    • If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise, then you must click on Users
      • Choose Set Up Users and Roles
  • Choose the built in Admin user and click on Edit User
  • Modify the password for that log in page
  • Choose Next and then click on Finish
    • If suppose, your accounting software gets crashed away while the file were encrypted
    • Try to restore the backup of company file
    • Once the encryption is finished, QuickBooks proceed towards the error which you come across.

How will you manually alter the information of log in page in QuickBooks Desktop?

We will ask you to stay tuned with our posted articles or the articles which we will be going to post so that none of the important solution passes away from your side. QuickBooks Error Support helps you to manage all bugs in accounting with complete ease.

  • Modify the field of account, customer, employee, or vendor referenced in the prompt box or QBWin.log file.
  • Delete the information in the field and clean this out so that you can enter the new information
    • If the information you filled in is showing correct, then write it down
    • If there is no information in the field, mark the field and then clear the field.
  • Choose OK.
  • Again follow the same process
  • Re modify the same account, customer, employee, or vendor.
  • Again type all details in the Field Name.
  • Choose OK.

If you are still facing any hassle during the accomplishment of your company file, you can simply dial QuickBooks Error Support so that you can accomplish the data of your company file. You can mail us at Our leaders are available 24*7 to guide you so that you can get success.

There are various criteria where this can be processed in QuickBooks Desktop, here we will be discussing some of them.

When the vendor try to send a refund check on behalf of the original Vendor

  • To create a deposit for the vendor who had processed the refund check:
  1. In the Banking menu, choose Make Deposits.
  2. If the Payments to Deposit window is displayed, click on OK.
  3. In the Make Deposits window dialog box, choose the Received from drop-down menu and select the vendor who had sent you the refund.
  4. In the From Account drop-down menu, choose the accurate Accounts Payable account.
  5. In the Amount column, type the exact amount which is to be refunded
  6. Click on Save & Close.
  • To generate a Bill for the Amount of the Deposit and set it to the Deposit:
  • In the Vendors menu, click on Enter Bills.
  • In the Vendor field tab, choose the name of the vendor who had sent you the refund.
  • In the Amount Due field, type the amount of the refund.
  • Choose the Expense tab.
  • In the Account field tab, choose a Wash account.
  • In the Amount field, type the amount for refund
  • Click on Save & Close.
  • In the Vendors menu, then choose Pay Bills.
  • Click on the Bill and choose Set Credit.
  • Click on the Credit and choose Done.
  • Choose Pay Selected Bills, then click on Done.
  • To create a Credit for the Original Vendor:
  • In QuickBooks, in the Vendors menu, choose Enter Bills.
  • Click on the Credit radio button.
  • In the Vendor field tab, choose the vendor who had sent you the refund.
  • In the Credit Amount field, type the amount of the refund.
  • Choose the Expense tab.
  • In the Account field, click on the account used on the original Bill.
  • In the Amount field, type the amount of the refund.
  • Click on Save & Close.
  • How will you create a Bill for the Amount of the Credit which is making the Wash Account affected and apply the Bill to the Credit:
  • Open the Vendors menu, then click on Enter Bills.
  • In the Vendor field, choose the vendor who had processed the refund.
  • In the Amount field, type the amount of the refund.
  • In the Expense tab.
  • In the Account field, click on a Wash account.
  • In the Amount field, type the amount for refund
  • Click on Save & Close.
  • In the Vendors menu, click on Pay Bills.
  • Choose the Bill and then click on Set Credit.
  • Click on the Credit and choose Done.
  • Click on Pay Selected Bills, then choose Done.

Hope, this might have satisfied you on this to Record a Vendor Refund in QuickBooks Desktop. But you don’t worry you may contact QuickBooks Support and support a mail to us at You may also visit for more informative articles to update you. Our experts leaders are so well versed in their module that they guide you in best possible way to make your accounting hurdle free.