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Must be in a thought to know about QuickBooks Error 3371. Then you obviously thinking about the solution. Don’t stressed out yourself, our QuickBooks Error Support is always there to support you on QuickBooks Error 3371.

What is QuickBooks Error 3371?

QuickBooks Error Support will update you about QuickBooks Error 3371.

This QuickBooks Error 3371 arises when you are not able to load licence properties and this happen when either there is missing company files or there is availability of damaged files.

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 3371 with QuickBooks Error Support?

We will list out various methods of resolving QuickBooks, it will be totally depending upon you which method you will chose for resolving QuickBooks Error 3371. If your error is not resolved, call QuickBooks Error Support.

Method 1: To run QuickBooks Tool Hub for resolving QuickBooks Error 3371

  • Simply download or install QuickBooks Tool Hub File
  • Close QuickBooks so that you can reopen again after downloading the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Now, you can open the file you saved and that is saved with name(QuickBooksToolHUb.exe)
  • Install it on your screen and when the installation is finished, you can open the QuickBooks Tool Hub
  • Click on Installation Issues
  • Click on Fix Error 3371
  • Choose OK
  • Now after opening QuickBooks Desktop, click to open your company data file

Method 2: Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

We really hope your QuickBooks Error 3371 is resolved. If not, contact QuickBooks Error Support. Feel free to make us a call anytime at our QuickBooks Error Support Number. You can also drop us a mail at

Stuck while filing the tax, you are not aware about the processing of tax form in QuickBooks Desktop. Tax filing is very important in business. As per the government rules, every employee or business organization needs to pay the tax. But you should be aware of processing it.

How to process Tax Forms (W2, W3)?

Follow the onscreen instructions very carefully as tax is to filed very attentively given by QuickBooks Payroll Support.

  • In the Employee menu, choose Payroll Tax Forms and W2
  • Click to Process payroll Form so that form can be opened
  • Choose Create form so that form can be created but you have to select the accurate form whether you want to file W2 or W3
  • Verify the time period entered is correct
  • That is to be filled by clicking on Select Filing Period.
  • Click on Auto Fill
  • Choose OK
  • QuickBooks will automatically enter all the expenses into the form
  • Verify all errors and modify them so that none of the error occur at the time of tax payment.
  • If required, compare the tax form with the Payroll Summary report, if not able to get contact QuickBooks Payroll Support.
  • In Federal forms click on to the Reports menu, then choose Employees & Payroll
  • Click on Employee State Taxes Detail
  • Save this PDF file by clicking on Save this PDF
  • Now, you are eligible for filing e forms.

Hope, you are over with the query of processing, if still stuck in between you can immediately call QuickBooks Payroll Support and you can also drop us a mail at Our experts are available 24*7 to help you out .

You must be tired of managing the lengthy excel sheets for keeping complete record, but you have to make sure and make it verified that data you are entering is correct. But, with QuickBooks desktop avails this feature to carry your accounting error free. There are numerous ways by which you can view how much time you are working by viewing your timesheets or inspecting total hours. For any insight query or error you can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support.

In Computer


  • In to Time Entries 
  • Click on Timesheets.
  • Select the range of date (Week, Month, etc.) on the top, then move backward or forward in time by selecting < and > to see all your timesheets.

Payroll Report

  • Move to  Reports 
  • Click on Payroll Report.
  • Select your data range and if you would like to see your hours in Hours and Minutes (HH:MM) or Decimals, then you have to select Run Report.
  • Your time totals will be viewed at the top.
  • Choose your name to see your individual timesheets for your given date range.

By Using Manual Time Card

  • Move to the Time Entries 
  • Click on Manual Time Card.
  • By using the arrows at the top of the manual time card, click on to the week.
  • You will be able to see the total number of hours worked each day.
  • The total number of hours worked for the week will be viewed at the very bottom of page.

If at all issue is solved you can simply proceed towards functioning of QuickBooks Desktop and if stuck somewhere you can simply call us at QuickBooks Payroll Support.

In Mobile


  • In T Sheets, click on Overview.
  • Press Enter on WEEK TOTAL or PAY PERIOD at the top to display your total hours for each option.


  • In T Sheets, click on Timesheets.
  • You will be able to see complete list of Timesheets.

You can go through our posts to get a guide on any topic related to QuickBooks. Our executives are always steadily available 24*7 to help you out in best possible manner they can. Feel free to contact us at QuickBooks Payroll Support or you can drop us mail at

What will you do if any of your company employees asks you to customize the item report, and if you don’t know how to do it? Do not panic, our experts of QuickBooks Support is always there to assist you in an efficient manner. To guide you in keeping record of your inventory, QuickBooks Support provides a huge variety of off the shell item reports. You can also modify these reports as per your business requirements.

You must get through the complete knowledge of source and target while you are customizing the reports.

If you are using QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks for Mac, you can easily access Transaction Detail report.

  • In the Reports menu, click on Custom Reports then choose Transaction Detail.
  • Select Customize Report.
  • In the Display tab, choose Item and Item Description in the Column section.
  • In the Filters tab, choose the following filters:
  • Transaction Type = Purchase Order
  • Posting Status = Either
  • Received = No for open Purchase Orders
  • Received = Yes for closed Purchase Orders.

How to use Inventory items used in assemblies which is to be ordered from Vendors

This report displays inventory items that make up assemblies presently on sales order. It will facilitate you to see what are the inventory items which need to be ordered from a vendor? Immediately contact QuickBooks Support. Go through the below instructions carefully:

  • To generate a sales order using the inventory assembly that will be sold to the customer.
  • To generate a pending build for this assembly.
  • Move to the Inventory Stock Status by Item report
  • Click on Reports 
  • Choose  Inventory 
  • Click on Inventory Stock Status by Item
  • View the For Assemblies column to look out what all inventory items are on the pending build.
  • Once the items are received, and the assemblies are prepared to build, click on to the Pending Builds report
  • Choose Reports 
  • Click on Inventory 
  • Select Pending Builds.
  • Double-click on a pending assembly which is ready to be built.
  • Choose Remove Pending Status.
  • Select Build & Close.

You can now generate a new invoice from sales order which was built.

How to use the item in Build Assemblies

  • In the Reports menu, choose Custom Reports then select Summary.
  • In the Display tab, apply the range of date to the specified time period you require.
  • Select Customize Report.
  • On the Display rows by drop-down menu, click on Item detail.
  • In Display columns for, choose Quantity choose Amount if amount is required in dollar.
  • In the Filters tab:
    • Clear out the filter applied by you.
    • Add Transaction Type then click on Build Assembly filter.
    • Add Detail Level then choose all except summary filter.
  • Select Memorize to save the report for future use.

You can follow below mentioned options:

  • Apply the Posting Status filter to either to include pending builds.
  • Modify Display Columns by to Month to show data by month.
  • Apply the Item filter to multiple items and click on desired items.

Item Estimates vs. Actual

This report briefly describes how exactly your company estimate costs and revenues for the items you sold. The report makes a comparison for estimated cost to actual cost and estimated revenue to actual revenue for all items. On an ending note, we are so thankful that you took out time to be patient and go through our blogs or articles. We will continue to keep posting such useful information. If at all you will face any issue you can make us a call at our QuickBooks Support team at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number. Please drop us a mail at for any issue. Our executives will call you back within next 24 hrs.

There are situations when you require recording bounced checks and new customer payments.

You can record these transactions by using the Check screen which requires a number of steps. On the offset if you want to enter a returned or bounced check using Write Check, freely contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

Method 1: How to enter the returned check with Write Check

The first and foremost step is to enter the bounced check using Check window:

  • Click on New.
  • In Vendors tab , click on Check.
  • In the Payee field, choose the name of the customer who has issued you the bounced check.
  • In the Bank Account drop-down menu, click on to your bank.
  • In the Payment date field, type the date on which the check was bounced
  • Clear the Print Later checkbox and type a note, like NSF check, in the Check number field.
  • In Account details, click on Accounts Receivable from the drop-down menu in the Account column.
  • Type the amount of the bounced check in the Amount field.
  • Click on Save and close.

When the bounced check is recorded, the next step is to modify the payment entry to apply on to the bounced check.

Method 2: Modify the payment entry

The next step is to alter the payment entry to set on to the bounced check entry:

  • In the left menu, choose Sales or Invoicing.
  • On the Customers tab, click on to the name of the customer who has issued the bounced check to open the Transaction List.
  • Search and choose the payment record that you have created for the bounced check.
  • Click on to the checkbox of the bounced check (NSF check) entry.
  • Clean out the checkbox of the invoice to which the payment was originally applied.
  • Click on Save and close.

The payment entry is changed to apply to the bounced check entry. The next method is to generate Service items for bounced checks and fees to use in recording these charges.

If you have already created these Service items, you can switch to next step and generate an invoice for the bounced check fee. If facing any issue immediately contact QuickBooks Support USA.

Method 3: To create Service items for bounced checks and fees

Create two Service items for returned checks and associated fees to use when charging returned check fees to your customers:

  • Click on to Settings.
  • In Lists tab, click on Products and Services.
  • Click on New.
  • In the Product/Service information tab, click on Service.
  • In the Name field, type Bounced Check.
  • In the Income account drop-down menu, choose the bank account on which the check was returned.
  • Click on Save and new to generate the second item.
  • Name the second item Bounced Check Fee.
  • In the Income account drop-down menu, choose or add an income account known as Bounced Check Fees.
  •  Otherwise, you can choose an expense account that you can use to track your bank charges.
  • Click on Save and close.

If you are able to solve this issue, you can make your accounting hassle free. The Service items can now be used. The next step is to generate an invoice for the bounced check fee.

Method 4: To generate an invoice for the bounced check fee

To generate an invoice for the returned check fee:

  • Click on New.
  • In Customers tab, click on to Invoice.
  • Choose the Customer name and type the date and the bounced check in the Invoice date field.
  • In the Product/Service tab, choose the Bounced check fee item you had created from the drop-down menu.
  • Type the Amount to charge the customer for the bounced check.
  • Click on Save and close.

The invoice for the bounced check fee is now created. The next step is to type the bank service charge as an expense.

Method 5: Type the charges for bank service

To enter an expense for the bank service charge:

  • Click on New.
  • In Vendors tab, click on Expense.
  • In the Bank/Credit account drop-down menu, choose your bank.
  • In the Payment date field, type the date for bounced check.
  • Type NSF fee in the Ref no. field.
  • In Account details tab, click on to the Bank Charges expense account in the drop-down menu in the Account field.
  • Type the amount your bank has charged you for the bounced check in the Amount column.
  • Click on Save and close.

Now, when the fee is recorded, the next step is to send a statement to the customer related to the bounced check and fees.

Method 6: Print and launch the statement to your customer

If you want to send a statement related to the bounced check and fees to the customer, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • In the left menu, click on to Sales or Invoicing.
  • On the Customers tab, choose the name of the customer to whom you want to issue the bounced check to open the Transaction List.
  • Click on Statement from the New transaction drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Statement Type to create from the drop-down list.
  • Apply the Statement DateStart Date, and End Date.
  • Click on to Print to create a copy of the statement, or
  • Choose Save and send to create an email to send to the customer with the attached statement.

Now, the statement is generated for the customer. Once payment is received, the next step is to keep track of the new payment. Instantly dial QuickBooks Support.

Method 7: How to record the new payment from your customer

If you want to record the payment of customer:

  • Click on to the Create icon.
  • In Customers tab, click onto Receive Payment.
  • Choose the customer from the Customer drop-down menu.
  • Type the mode of payment as Payment date and Payment method for the new payment.
  • Choose the Deposit to account from the drop-down list.
  • Type the Amount you received.
  • Click onto the invoice from the Outstanding Transactions list.
  • Click on Save and close.

The payment is now recorded. Hope, you are very much satisfied with this post. And now, you will be able to perform this on your own but if in case you will face any glitches, you are free to make us a call at QuickBooks Support Phone Number. You can also drop us a mail at

This is the common and frequent error we come across. It is very common practice that we login to our account and if suppose you are trying to log in to your account using Gmail, and it will prompt the message saying “Couldn’t Sign in”. If you are facing issue while logging in to Gmail from QuickBooks Desktop, need not to worry, we’ll help you to sign in to your account in no time.

Make a remark that in QuickBooks Desktop, Google made an up gradation to add security, so if at all you’re using Gmail you must reconnect to your account. Listed below are the steps to reconnect to your account:

Method 1: Use 2-step verification for Google

If you have already accessed 2 step verification process then switch to next step.

  • Turn on 2-step verification for your Google account.
  • In the QuickBooks Edit menu
  • Click on to Preferences tab.
  • Click on Send Forms.
  • Choose Web Mail and click on Add.
  • Type out all the Add Email Info section and click on OK.
  • Click on OK to save your changes.

Method 2: Turn on less secure app access in Google

If even after accessing method 1 still you facing the error or you’re already using 2-step verification, then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Turn off 2-step verification for your Google account.
  • Now, you can turn on less secure app access in Google. 
  • Mark a remark to read the Google security standards to know how this will affect your account.
  • In the QuickBooks Edit menu
  • Click on Preferences tab.
  • Choose Send Forms.
  • Click on Web Mail and select Add.
  • Fill out the Add Email Info section and choose OK.
  • Click on OK to save your changes.

Method 3: Modify the enhanced security setting in QuickBooks

If you have already configured Gmail to access enhanced security, you will see a prompt to authorize QuickBooks Desktop whenever you are sending a transaction or report. For any inbuilt error feel free to contact us at QuickBooks Helpline number and drop us a mail at

One of the most accessible accounting software nowadays is QuickBooks, developed by Intuit. What happened? Facing the QuickBooks Error 80029c4a? Do not hesitate! You reached to QuickBooks Error Support the correct platform to resolve your error.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?

  • When you are not able to open QuickBooks Desktop
  • Error Loading type Library / DLL

How to resolve QuickBooks Error 80029c4a?

If you are not able to resolve it even with the latest updation of QuickBooks, then you must verify for next steps.

  • Firstly, check the latest release of QuickBooks.
  • Start from checking antivirus programs.

Method 1: Check for antivirus program

There are antivirus programs which anyhow blocks some of the QuickBooks files. Verify the list of all blocked files.

If you see any of the programs listed below in your quarantine, give them permission to go through your firewall.

  • AutoBackupExe.exe
  • Dbmlsync.exe
  • DBManagerExe.exe
  • FileManagement.exe
  • FileMovementExe.exe
  • QuickBooksMessaging.exe
  • QBW32.exe
  • QBDBMgrN.exe
  • QBGDSPlugin.exe
  • QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
  • QBCFMonitorService.exe
  • QBLaunch.exe
  • QBUpdate.exe
  • IntuitSyncManager.exe
  • OnlineBackup.exe

If you still face the QuickBooks Error 80029c4a, move to next step

Method 2: Clean Install QuickBooks Desktop

Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks Desktop which will refresh the program files arising Error 80029c4a and this will not affect your data. For more query related to this error contact QuickBooks Error support, our technical experts are so advanced in their domain. They will help you in best possible way. You can also drop us a mail at

Searching for QuickBooks Support usa? Yes, you came to right place to update yourself. QuickBooks Support is always there for you to assist you for any kind of issues. Ever thought of the situation when generating an e-payment by using an active QuickBooks Desktop Payroll subscription to E-Pay, a responsibility may still displays as being owed in the Pay Scheduled Liabilities window. This can be occurred by:

  • When the e-payment liability check is not reflecting into your register
  • When restoring a backup which was created before making the e-payment
  • BY voiding an e-payment once it is been transmitted by Intuit.

This problem can be fixing due to following steps:

By recreating the missing e-payment as a liability check:

  • Foremost step is to create the liability check by applying up a custom liability payment.
  • After selecting View/Pay,
  • Click on Check rather than E-payment so that the payment is recorded in QuickBooks Desktop and is not e-paid again
  • Clean out the To be printed checkbox.
  • Add a note to the No. field at the top of the check which is an e-payment.

Indeed, it was a great choice to explain you about recreating a payment once you miss it. Thus, we request you to ask for help from us QuickBooks Support usa. We always try our best to deliver the most linked solution towards your queries or issues you face in your accounting software. Our executives are so much proficient in every module linked to your issues. You are free to drop us a mail at

Our QuickBooks Payroll Support guides you in a best possible way to make your QuickBooks accounting hurdle free. Termination checks are assigned by an individual set of state rules defining when you must pay to your employees when they got separated from employment because of many reasons like discharge, layoff, or resignation. Such requirements make promises to all employees receive all wages they have earned on for their last day of employment. We will update you how to create termination checks.

To create a termination check

  • In the QuickBooks Desktop menu, click on Employees 
  • Then select Pay Employees > Click on Termination Check.
  • In the Enter Payroll Information window tab, type the correct Pay Period Ends and Check Date
  • In a manner to ignore a late fee, the Check Date must be dated today or a future date.
  • Verify that bank chosen is correct Next to Bank Account 
  • Put a checkmark next to all employees to whom you want to pay a termination paycheck.
  • In the Release Date column tab, choose the box next to the employee.
  • Calendar icon will be displayed.
  • Choose the Calendar icon, and then click on the release date employee’s.
  • Enter working hours for each designated employee.
  • Or correct the Total Hours or Salary amount.
  • To use or update paycheck list, contact QuickBooks Payroll Support or you can also follow steps mentioned below in this post:
  1. Click on the name of an employee
  2. In the Preview Paycheck window, type or update information of paycheck.
    • If the employee access direct deposit, check that the Use Direct Deposit box is marked accurately. If you do not want to access paycheck to be direct deposit, click on to clear Use Direct Deposit.
    • Number of termination paychecks is live checks instead of direct deposit paychecks.
    • If you do not require vacation and sick to accrue on this particular paycheck, select the box Do Not Accrue Sick/Vac.
  3. Click on Save and Next to move further to the next employee.
  4. Or you can also click on Save and Close to move back to the Enter Payroll Info window.
  5. Click on OK to return to the Enter Hours screen.
  • Click on Continue.
  • The Make Employees Inactive window will now be opened.
  • Click on Make Inactive to make the status of an employee inactive.
  • Or Keep as Active to record the employee on the active employee list.
  • In the Review and Create Paychecks window, list out all the taxes, deductions, net pay, employer taxes and contributions.
  • If you want to review or modify these amounts, you can click on the name of employee.
  • Click on to Create Paychecks. QuickBooks Payroll Support allows users to resolve their issues.
  • On the basis of Payroll service, the Confirmation and Next Steps window will open. You must follow the on screen instructions carefully; QuickBooks Desktop will give you the further step.

Hope, we made clear to you regarding your issues of creation of termination check. For, further assistance you can ask support from QuickBooks Payroll Support. Feel free to guide yourself by visiting a complete tour of our article. You can also drop us a mail at Our executives with expert knowledge consider your issues as the top most priority and to deliver the solution is our acknowledgement toward yours reverts.

We must be aware of QuickBooks Error 3371 in depth as this is the most common error which arises in QuickBooks desktop. This error arises either when you are activated or you are trying to open the company file in QuickBooks Desktop. The error which prompts out “Could not initialize the licence properties” which states that it could not load the licence data where either files are damaged or may be the files are missing. This error mainly occurs when user try to restore configuration files which are damaged. Not to worry, our QuickBooks Support USA is always there to help you out in predicting the error and solving it.

How to fix QuickBooks error 3371?

Method 1: Install and Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub

The QuickBooks Tool Hub helps to resolve this QuickBooks Error 3371

  • Click on close QuickBooks
  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub file
  • Store your file where you can easily find out.
  • Open the file you downloaded(QuickBooksToolHub.exe)
  • Follow the steps displayed on screen.
  • When you are over with installation, double click on QuickBooks tool Hub icon on your Windows

Method 2: In the QuickBooks Tool Hub, run the QuickBooks Error 3371 fix

  • In QuickBooks Tool Hub, choose installation Issues
  • Choose Error 3371 fix
  • Click on to OK
  • Click on Start QuickBooks Desktop and open your data file

If at all your errors or issues are not resolved and still facing the error proceeds to next steps:

Method 3: Clean to install QuickBooks Desktop

To clean the QuickBooks Desktop you must follow the below mentioned instructions:

Step 1: Collect your product info

  • Download the installer for your latest version of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Carry your license number handy.
  • Note down your product year and version of QuickBooks.

Step 2: Uninstall QuickBooks Desktop

If you are running QuickBooks and when you are trying to uninstall QuickBooks, stop resolving.

Step 3: Remove QuickBooks Desktop

  • Either open the Windows Start menu from screen or directly press windows button from keyboard. Locate for “Control Panel”, then open Control Panel window.
  • Choose Programs and Features or click to uninstall a Program.
  • In the list of installed programs, choose the version of QuickBooks Desktop in which you are facing the problem.
  • Click on Uninstall/Change and then Remove. 
  • Choose Next. 
  • If option is not viewed, sign out and sign in back in to Windows as an admin

Step 4: Reinstall QuickBooks Desktop

Hope, you are clear with our solution to QuickBooks Error 3371 and you are satisfied. If still facing the same error, feel free to contact us at our QuickBooks Customer Care USA or you can also leave us a mail at